Monday, July 4, 2011


Colorado! Now the, “aguijon de agua dulce” - Spanish name for a fresh water type of fish-, as my grandfather used to call me, is in an inland state but lucky enough in Colorado, where instead of enjoying the waterfront I have the Rocky Mountains every morning while going to swimming practices. The reason for this big and new adventure was due to swimming, since I was selected to be part of the US Resident Team at the Olympic Training Center.  I must be honest, I miss the bay in Miami and the great times I had with family and friends but swimming and the pursuance of the dream keeps me strong. I had faced many challenges, in the sport, culturally and a very important one the weather.
When, I first arrived it was very hard to believe I was part of this place, the more I learned about the Olympic Training Center, the people training, eating and living with me, made it hard to believe I was one of them. One of the biggest challenges at the beginning was the training, my hours change from five hours a week in the water and two hours at physical therapy, to sixteen hours in the water a week plus two hours at the gym at 6,035 ft above sea level, no wonder I missed the sea, right? It took me a few months to adapt my body to the altitude, my times in the pool were slower and I did not feel like I was getting anywhere. My coach, Dave Denniston was very patient and helpful; he gave me confidence to believe it was a question of time. The results eventually proved him right; at the end of the year I was able to swim fastest times in almost all of my events at a race in Toronto, Canada.
This new journey has been a learning experience and has immersed me in the American culture that everyday intrigues me more.  Coming from a very lively town, where houses where painted pastels colors and the trees were green all year round with no transformation between summer and winter. Now in my new place, houses had very brownish colors; trees were brown with no leaves, to me I was arriving in a ghost town, what I did not realized at that moment was that this would change almost every three months and that those transformations would not only affect the trees but also the people and how they interact with nature. I have learned to enjoy each of the seasons, yes even the winter, as well, skiing, visiting the national parks, camping and eating ice cream when we are below 0° have been some of the great experiences I have had. I hope you have fun with some of the stories about my life and swimming. 

Colorado Springs, Olympic Training Center 

Morning view of the mountain from the OTC

Trying to Ski 


  1. Yo creo que esta experiencia sera una parte inolvidable del viaje de tu vida, la recordaras siempre con sus frios, primaveras, veranos y otonos. Para mi tambien lo esta siendo

  2. Hey cuz,
    Good job and making it this far, I am sure you will kick their butt when you go to the Olympics and I will be watching for sure.

  3. Thanks Jose!! You can also swim if you want hehehe love...